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How to sell ebooks on Instagram?

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Link all your social medias in one page with sellby better than linktree

Why using sellby for selling ebooks?

The app is free for ever

Earn money with your Stripe account

Secure and modern payments

Make a living off your content

All your social medias with sellby app


Make Smart Offers

You can link all your socials in a hyperpage and also everything you offer elsewhere, like your awesome ebooks ,new courses and webinars, a webshop, promo pages and many more: add any custom page you like. We have customized our editor to link your needs.


Make Limited Offers

You can reveal secret social media channels, links to hidden pages or even a link to your new ebook only to the people that pay for it. We provide modern payment solutions like Google Pay and Apple Pay, so that your followers can send you the money quickly and they also get their reward in an instant.

Payment with sellby mobile app on ios
PowerMacPersonal - Feb. 2021

I really like the idea of having a small donation page with my social accounts - more!

Nina S.Google Playstore - Feb. 2021

Eine wunderbar aufgebaute App die für jeden leicht zu verstehen und bedienen ist. 🚀💥

AldafaddaGoogle Playstore - Feb. 2021

Eine unfassbare gute und vorallem Praktische App für jeden Youtube oder Streamer. Man kann sein Profil sehr schön gestalten und diverse links einbinden. 5 Sterne von mir 🙂

robinspaceApple Appstore - Feb. 2021

I built a page with the app and linked all my social media links, soon I want to test the other functions. I found everything very simple and fast.

Kennz2002Apple Appstore - Jan. 2021

I need to say that this app is insane, you can build up your link page within 25sec. Shared to my social medias and got some nice tips 🤙🏻

Meet our team

As our team members live in Berlin, Magdeburg and Cologne, we work remote-first and meet regularly in Discord.

Kevin Michael Schott founder of sellby
Founder & Developer

Kevin Michael Schott

Carsten Greif founder of sellby
Founder & Designer

Carsten Greif

Sven Ewers Developer of sellby

Sven Ewers

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of sellby?

With sellby anyone that has a social media profile, specifically influencers, creators, artists, bloggers, models, gamers and all the business people in general can make money very easily at no costs. The app is not limited to a use cases, you can be creative and find your own one. We provide a mobile-first solution, with the app you can create multiple hyperpage in a few minutes.

Why not use a competitor?

There a other options like BuyMeACoffee, ko-fi, kickstarter or Patreon, but we are not limited to a WebApp and also provide a mobile app that makes it easy and fast for you to create your hyperpages. With sellby you can create more than one page for different use cases and for the same or even lower fees as in other services.

How to sell ebooks on instagram?

When you want to be more independent from platforms like Twitch or YouTube, sellby is the right choice for you. You can link your social media profile, blog, shops, landingpage and many more that you want share with the world. If your followers visit your pages, they can appreciate your contents with a direct donation to you.

How do I link my ebook, course and webinar?

For example, upload your ebook to Google Drive and generate a link. You can put that link into your "thank you message" in the support widget of our sellby app, than people get this link if they donate to you the highest tier. Or you can even put a link to your Zoom Workshop or your secret Telegram channel into that paid message.

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get sellby app on appstore from apple
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